Metal Structure Processes with high efficiency

As the technology and innovation leader, Diniz Adient produces superior automotive seats that enhance any vehicle brand.
We supply every major OEM and Complete Seat companies in every market and segment such as Adient Bursa, Adient Rosny (Paris), Adient Novo Mesto Front Seat Frames of X98 Clio IV for Renault, Rear Seat Back Metal Frames of X98 Clio IV for Renault, Elele Rear Seat Cushion Wireframe for Honda and direcly to Ford Otosan Eskişehir for Cargo Vehicle Seat Frames. Automakers come to Diniz Adient for our comprehensive product types and for our ability to integrate them into systems that work flawlessly. They also come to us for innovative ideas that help distinguish their vehicles from the competition and for the resources and expertise to bring those ideas to market successfully.
At Diniz Adient, our modular designs, deep expertise in metals and materials make our structures and mechanisms simpler and stronger.


Core product portfolio that reduces complexity

From front and rear structures to tracks, recliners, height adjusters and locks, our products are based on standardized designs, which help cut costs for customers. Not only do our products fit together seamlessly, they’re also modular – meaning they’re compatible with a majority of vehicle makes and models.


Solutions that are high in quality and light in weight

We manufacture our products using innovative steel and hybrid materials, allowing us to lower the weight of our structures and mechanisms by up to 25 percent – without sacrificing strength. With lighter, thinner designs, our components help customers save space – and make their vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.



Production Parts in Metal, Press shop, Robotic MAG Welding, Robotic & CNC Spot Welding, Front Seat Cushion Line (Crimping & Flaring) and Paint shop

The Front Seat Cushion Frames are assembled in Automation Front Seat Cushion Line with special designed fixture and machines. Our Operations are, crimping, riveting, flaring, Spot Welding and Final Control. Crimping process is installed instead of MAG Welding. Advantages of this process are, decreased cost due to unused welding wire and welding gas, environmental sustainability.