Production Jit

Diniz Adient is providing world class Complete seat systems and components,metal structures & trim products for the global automotive industry. Main focuses are safety, functionality, and comfort with proven quality in our products.

Complete Seat  

One of  our main focus to exceed  our customer expectations.By aid of Adient ,we belive that world’s best seating performance with experience of Adient spreading all over the world. Collaboration of Diniz & Adient  ,we increase of knowledge and power in seating systems and solutions.  We lead the market in complete seat systems, serving every major automaker around the globe, offering smart solutions that provide safety, sustainability, comfort and style. Since design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly all come from a single source, customers can be certain of maximum efficiency and consistent high quality. Our products are a direct result of our processes. From the drawing board to the assembly line, every step in the development and production of our seating systems is handled in-house – so we can ensure our seats are safe, stylish and comfortable.As a Diniz Adient we are following high Tech solutions and always keep the our lines updated which represents our quality of products.

We are producing Renault X98 Clio IV seats, Ford Cargo Seats and Mercedes Daimler Headrests at serial production. Renault Clio V (BJA) Seating Lines have been in installation period as new launch. Serial Production of Clio V seats is going to take place in February, 2019.

We are working JIT (Just in Time) & JIS (Just in Sequnce) with our customer. Assembly Production has been done in Flexline which has been specially created by Adient Patent. We can easily increase our capacity by adding operator into the Flexline. The Flexline consist of 3 sections; Frame Assembly, Skinning and Electrical&Visual Controls. Trim Covers, foam, seating components, headrest, valance cover, armrest has been sequenced by AGC (Automatic Guided Car) to the Flexline. Fastening Operations are done automatically by electric Screwing devices and cushion-back assembly has been done by Marriage Robot. All stations in the line have Poka Yokes. If all Poka Yokes are correct, we can deliver this seat to Customer via SRS (Storage and Retrieval System). SRS is fully automatic system to send seat in JIS (Just in Sequencing).